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About Us


Artemis collections are deeply inspired by the rich cultural heritage of our natural worlds wonders‘
We select only the most talented small business to work with, using their expert knowledge and techniques to create versatile, yet timeless pieces… sheepskins are sourced from a small community living off the land in the High Tatra Mountains., bespoke clothing and accessories handmade by local Britionian artisans and interior must haves - bespoke and upcycled making each piece completely individually beautiful, giving that relaxed hippy aesthetic with a refined edge that translates from the exotic to the urban. 
The Artemis brand has flourished beyond pulling influences from their early life growing up in bohemian Brighton, where tie-dye, peasant feathers and lace maxi dresses were part of the everyday style sensibility. In part, it is an extension and evolution of that world without the hippy inclination, replacing it instead with a luxurious bohemian finish.